Oria Arriba - Pedasi

Have you seen the AMAZING pictures? Now take a look to the next info: the town, the house, the people, and the activities you can do once you are here. Start your day with some coffee in our terrace and enjoy the sound of the wild howler monkeys. (Is kind of being in a Jurassic Park Movie) You can hear them all year.




- Swimming in the River

- BBQ  in the private terrace

- Horseback riding 

- Monkey Watching


-  Playa Venao - Venao Beach (25 minutes driving) - SURF

- Pedasi Town (20 minutes) Restaurants & Bars

- Iguana Island (in Playa Arenal, Pedasi ) (20 minutes) - RELAX (whales watching)

- Destiladeros Beach, Pedasi (20 minutes driving)

- El Toro Beach, Pedasi (20 minutes driving)

-Cañas Island - Isla Cañas after Venao (turtles) (30 minutes)


Oria Arriba is 22 minutes driving from Pedasi Town. The road is in good condition, curves, hills and an incredible landscape. 

In Oria Town you will find:

  • Oria River is down the property 5 minutes walking behind the house. You'll see a dirt road that takes you directly to the river. You can ask to any neighbor where the "río" (river) is and for sure they will help you. 

  • A kiosco (Guillermo's mini market)  You can buy basic things. Guillermo also makes horseback riding tours crossing the river until the waterfalls and take you to see monkeys next to the river. His kiosco and house is 5 minutes walking from our house.

  • Monkeys everywhere everyday. From the house you can hear them early in the morning and even during the day. Is funny and really amazing. If you wanna see them, go to the river and look to the trees. They are always there.

  • Adrian's Trapiche: mill stop extracting cane juice and honey. He lives right next to us.

  • A cantina (Chuga's bar) the driver of the bus is also the owner of the cantina. You can buy cold beers at $1.00

  • There are no restaurants so better to buy all you need in Santiago, Las Tablas or Pedasi. 

  • There is no wifi in Oria and no phone signal. But if you walk 5 minutes right in front of the elementary school there is an area where to find phone signal even wifi. In case you need to call, there is a Cabin Phone in front of the school. It's a perfect town to get disconnect from everything and enjoy the beauty of nature.

    LOOK ALL THE PITURES OF THE ACTIVITIES: River, Beaches, Horseback riding, monkeys, Venao Beach, Iguana Island, Caña Island, etc.


You need a car to go to the house. From Pedasi Town is only 20 minutes driving.


By Bus: take the bus right in front of Tia Libia Panaderia everyday at 3:00 pm. The bus will take you right in front of the property. The driver is a good friend of us, his name is "Chuga"


People in Oria Arriba are very humble and hardworking people. They take good care of our property. You only say that you're going to stay in "La Casa de Esteban" (Esteban's House) So, we wanted just to let you know that kids are very nice kids but very curious also. If you want to have privacy then keep the gate of the house closed all the time cause' they are kids and kids are curious and once you let them come in to the property they could stay  with you all day if you let them cause' they always want to take care of new people in town... LOL! So we recommend you to close the gate!

BUT... if you want to do something beautiful for them, then  bring some cookies  for the kids, trust us! they will share between them as if you were giving them some GOLD! They will be very happy even with some candies and you will do a beautiful social work in Panama :)